Oil Painting Galleries

Other than Commissioned Portraiture I create and sell several other styles of paintings. Many of the works in these galleries are already with collectors of my work and some are still available. However, there is also an Available Paintings page on the website where all completed works for sale are consolidated together and kept up-to-date. I am also available, as time permits, for special commission work in these themes.

Morning Haze , 16x20" oil on linen, Collection of the LaFollette Family

Morning Haze, 16x20" oil on linen, Collection of the LaFollette Family

Landscape Gallery

Works shown here are all oil paintings on linen. Some of the smaller paintings are linen over wood panel. Only the finest archival materials are used.

Although some of the smaller pieces start en plein air (outside in nature), they usually get another layer or two in he studio. 

I am primarily a studio painter. I like the comfort, control and detail I can do over an extended period of time and study of my chosen scene.  

I paint, draw and take reference photos to work from while on location for later work in the studio.

"Girl with the Pearl Earring"  Collection of the William Larkin Family

"Girl with the Pearl Earring" Collection of the William Larkin Family

Master Copies Gallery

These oil paintings started out as master paintings I loved and wanted to have on my own walls. None of these copies I made lasted long on my walls. They proved very popular with my collectors.

Copying the finest masterworks puts you under the tutelage of the greatest painters of all time and brings you as close as you can get to first hand understanding of what the painter found important to say in the work and how he communicated the idea with paint.

It also tests your capacity of observation, and your skill and understanding of drawing, anatomy, color mixing, paint handling and perseverance.

"The Three Graces"  60x72" oil on linen,  Available

"The Three Graces" 60x72" oil on linen, Available

People & Animal Gallery

Some personal painting projects come from themes I think of while working on commissioned portraits or ideas I couldn't resist seeing come to reality.

As well as enjoying non-commissioned people paintings, I also enjoy the beauty and challenge of animal anatomy and the pictorial possibilities of animals in their environment and also their interaction with people. 

Terry Guyer's first Talk Art appearance. Host, Susan Kraft, explores the classical oil painting technique used for his master copy paintings of DaVinci's Lady with an Ermine and Laurence's Calmady Children and asks about his recent Silicon Valley Luminary Society inventor portrait commissions.