"Between Guests, the Tower of London"

About "Between Guests, the Tower of London"

I noticed this lovely young lady in period costume, out of the corner of my eye, at the Tower of London. Whether she was a guide working for the Tower of London or a leader of a private touring company, I don't know. 

When I first noticed her she had a group of tourists surrounding her and I thought to myself, with the pale translucent skin, veil and marvelous costume she would be great painted in a multi-layered classical painting technique and in a DaVinci style. I was at a distance from her and thought it unlikely to capture a usable photo of her with that crowd around around her. 

Suddenly her tourists went off in a group and she turned my direction for a moment. I got one photo and she disappeared.

Although in the photo she looked exhausted, I was certain I could turn her expression into "introspective."

I worked on the painting for several months building up to 25 layers of translucent and opaque oil paint to capture the look of a centuries old pearlescent museum piece. 

Between Guests, the Tower of London

20x16" oil on linen, includes custom frame – Available $ 6,500

"Between Guests, the Tower of London" 20x16" oil on linen