"Barrel Racer, Salinas Rodeo"

About "Barrel Racer, Salinas Rodeo"

This was painted using archive B&W photographs from one of my photo sessions of an all woman's rodeo in the '80s.  As well as working from reference without color, the action, which I found so interesting, also had a good amount of motion blur.

I decided I would use other reference as needed to clarify detail where I felt it was needed. The lack of color allowed me to just use color as the painting needed, to best show the action and define the surfaces. The apparent plain gray background is far from it. It is built up with lots of various strokes of paint different paint color to give the effect of the hot dusty action on the rodeo grounds.

Barrel Racer, Salinas Rodeo

20x16" oil on linen, includes custom frame – SOLD – Collection of Darlene Astrid Keith

"Barrel Racer, Salinas Rodeo" 20x16" oil on linen